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face and body specialist.

Isabelle Grillet welcomes you in the 16th arrondissement of Paris in a refined setting, to make you live a moment of beauty and well-being.
In her expert hands, you will be able to benefit from HydraFacial, oxygenating, anti-ageing and body, micro-current and micro-needling that will allow you to obtain immediately visible results.
Isabelle’s signature treatments are unique and offer you avant-garde combinations, to refine, firm and tone your skin.

Only by appointment from Monday to Sunday


A radiant complexion with clean and healthy skin, thanks to these facials you will find your skin firmed, toned and perfectly regenerated.


Scrub, anti-cellulite care treatment and scars removal techniques; rejuvenate your skin with softness and lightness.



The application of a micro-current device increases Cellular Energy (ATP) which promotes cell growth and rejuvenation such as collagen or elastin fibres.

The skin regains radiance as well as tonus.

Book a pack of complete sessions for an anti-ageing program.


Radiofrequency is based on the emission of very high-frequency electromagnetic waves. These waves will create warmth in the subcutaneous tissue that will trigger a retraction.

Collagen fibres and cause the destruction of certain fat cells.

The skin is retained. The radiofrequency can be applied to the oval of the face, cheeks, neck, abdominal, inner face arms or inner thighs…


The ultrasounds are waves capable of diffusing different types of cosmetics through different depths of the skin layers.

They also make it possible to treat cutaneous relaxation, giving better tonus to the skin.

Hydra facial

This procedure involves a device that allows both dermabrasion of the skin (superficial peel), as well as the hygienically aspiration of comedones while cleaning the epidermis. This is very effective for acne or mixed types of skin and oxygenation of the dermal cells.


This is a procedure that involves cold light emitted at skin levels that allow different treatments according to specific skin problems. Hydrating, skin radiance and good complexion, tightening of the pores, slackening of the skin, scars erasing in the early stage, stretch marks, burns, sunburns, acne, baldness or among others, causing chemical and physical reactions and changes that will stimulate the cell activity.

It’s an ideal complement to other techniques of aesthetical medicine.

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