A talented and skilful trader, Isabelle Grillet does not do things halfway. Her journey is that of a serial entrepreneur. It all started in 1995, with the creation of a caterer top of the line. In 2000, she opened an Italian restaurant. Everything worked just perfectly for her, until 2008. That year, a serious accident paralyzes the young woman dynamic and full of life that ends up in a wheelchair. Flying and determined, she will walk again, after two years, thanks to his strength of character. This is how she takes the direction of the flagship of a brand of clothes for 8 years and becomes a trainer for the last two years.

In 2012, she meets Dr. Paul Vo Quang Dang, creator of the Skeen Patch, who will change her life. She discovers care through the micro-current to treat her back pain that makes following the accident of which she had been the victim. Along the way, she is more and more interested in this revolutionary technique that allows a fast and lasting cellular renewal.

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